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  1. Selbstdarstellung Powerotics

Selbstdarstellung Powerotics

Sorry for the English - just easier than German

We're POWERotics - The POWERotics Foundation - founded in 1994 - is an American/Dutch non-profit organisation, dedicated to providing high quality, reliable BDSM-information, largely published on the Internet.

The two most significant publications are of course the huge website and the BDSM Daily News, currently received by close to 2800 readers all over the world and growing rapidly. The website is the prefered source of information for over 15,000 daily visitors. Basic BDSM-information is freely available in four languages.

The Foundation supports the worldwide BDSM community through various sponsorship programs, such as a partnership program for websites and a donation program for fundraising activities.

Next to the main website the POWERotics Foundation is constantly developing niche projects, such as a dedicated site about Shibari (Japanese bondage), an online BDSM-bookstore (in association with and various electronic books, as well as the development of an online individual workshop system to help people explore their own emotions as well as offering several practical workshops, such as "How to make your own toys" and "BDSM dating".

While events are currently not an option, the Foundation is exploring the possibility to set up alliances with others to try and provide real life workshops.

Finally, the Foundation hosts the information of the Erotic Power Exchange Information Center, which offers basic information for professionals - such as therapists, law enforcement, legislators, journalists and educators - confronted with BDSM in their profession. This information is publicly available at

POWERotics can be reached via email at powerotics — at —


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