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»Mit Hängen und Würgen«

An Overview on Breath Control Play

Translation by Calvin Scott [where there are no links, there is no translation yet]

As I loosely translated James LiGates warning note on breath control from for the German version, I'll just use the original version here:

Breath control, sometimes called erotic asphyxiation, is a topic of hot debate within the leather community. Some say it's impossible to do safely, while others maintain that it's no riskier than some other things we do. The bottom line, however, is that choking or asphyxiation is dangerous, and brain damage, heart attack, or death could result. If you're compelled to experiment in this area, read the warnings cited here first, and be extremely careful. (LiG)

I am not a medic myself and have drawn the following information conscientiously from the sources indicated. I will not take any responsibility for accidents or damages occurring as a result of practices described in the following text. Even if all conceivable precautions are taken, an hitherto undetected illness, or simple bad luck, can easily lead to potential disaster: anyone exploring this subject does so at his or her own risk.



Scientific literature relating to the subject of breath control play is unfortunately not particularly abundant. In almost all relevant medical texts mention is made of the regrettable difficulty involved in actually obtaining a breath control player sufficiently alive as to enable closer examination – it is more or less assumed that these exotic creatures simply do not survive: "His auto-erotic activity had not yet brought about a fatal catastrophy" (Pro60, emphasis K.P.) "It is believed that most practitioners […] die one day or another" [Lun92] – the latter of these observations, although undoubtedly correct, cannot be seen to be a revolutionary new insight.
We have, however, benefited from the results of previous research (however sparse it may be) and it is only to be welcomed if we can contribute some more useful information of our own accord. You can find here an Online-Questionnaire [not yet translated], as well as its Evaluation [not yet translated]. For those who would prefer not to complete the questionnaire but would be willing to provide further information about the subject for anyone undertaking specific research, please do not hesitate to leave your e-mail address.


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